Runner’s Gait Analysis


We specialize in running gait analysis and gait retraining. Our physical therapists will provide expert examination of your running form and work to enhance your performance.
We use Dartfish technology, a computer gait analysis system, to assess your running style. Dartfish is a sophisticated piece of software that is used in many sporting activities for assessment of biomechanics, style and skills, in order to improve performance.

A video is formed of the patient running for a short period on a treadmill and then a slow motion detailed analysis is performed by the physical therapist to show, and explain to you, your biomechanics. Your biomechanics are analyzed from trunk rotation, hip drop, knee alignment, and pronation/supination and then recommend exercises and techniques to improve the mechanics. Proper cadence (steps per minute) is also assessed to help you become a more efficient runner.

Quad and hamstring isokinetic testing is also done to check the quad:hamstring ratios

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